Hell Hike & Raft Weekly Challenge 4

I chose this week’s challenge and let the Hell Hike and Raft team know what to do:

Pick any kind of squats or lunges to do at least 3 days this week; do at least two sets of those each chosen day. Report what days, the exercise you chose and any details.

I have been experiencing some joint pain recently, so wanted to find exercises that would help prepare for the trip without taking me out of the running. I found two great pages full of moving GIFs that show nearly every option for squats and lunges out there:
Encyclopedia Of Squats
30 Variations Of Lunges

Specifically, I’ve had some “lateral knee pain” which occurs in tendons on the outer-edges of the back side of his knee joints; so, I researched the best exercises for that:

1) Side-lunges (above) are easier on the knee. This page has a good explanation of proper form for side lunges.

2) When doing regular squats (above), this guy’s video demonstrated how to reduce knee load while still getting a deep squat by keeping knees from going forward and pushing your butt back instead.

This page suggested half squats to ease-up on knee pressure from squats, but also said lunges (below) are better for knees.

3) This video also showed how using back lunges can be better on your knees as well.

– Arbor –

Pick out a piece of gear to test or use out in “field conditions” … i.e. try using your waterproof phone case in the rain or start breaking in a new pair of shoes or boots on a walk.

I was lucky enough to return the shoes that had torn on the River to River trail to REI, and then turned around and replaced them with the same shoes, but in the newer model. This year’s Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes are even purple! You might not be able to tell from my photos, but my hair is dyed purple and ever since, my wardrobe and accessories have evolved to match. This felt like kismet.

I was thrilled to get to try them out for our frog monitoring excursion. It reemphasized that they really are the perfect shoes for me. They fit like a glove and there were no hot spots to be found – which is usually what happens to me before I break a shoe in. I just love them!


Check out our sponsor, Rocky S2V! They create quality Outdoor, Work, Western, Duty and Military footwear as well as Outdoor and Work apparel and accessories. Scott got to test out a pair of their shoes and brought them to our Shawnee trip. They were seriously cool with an integrated waterproof gaiter that I knew would be great on our wet trails and I was ultra jealous. They make some really neat and innovative stuff and I can hardly wait to see what we get to test on this trip.


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