Bonnie’s Bramblers Celebrate Birthdays

Our good friend Bonnie, of Corn Desert fame, was having a birthday and decided that camping was the absolute best way to celebrate another year around the sun. A group of us went to the Jim Edgar campground to help make the event a party.

We got a much later start than we wanted, but magically seemed to show up just about the same time everyone else did. Still, with the late arrival, we only had about an hour of workable daylight, so set out to find suitable hanging trees. The group camp we had reserved was terrific, but was largely a mown grassy area with some trees and brush on the perimeter, close to the lake. I started to get nervous, but after some scrambling, found trees that would do the job.

The area was a beaver buffet through, Chewed and downed trees were everywhere! One year we camped right next to a beaver lodge in the Boundary Waters and I heard crashing trees all around me all night long. I hoped I wouldn’t experience the same this time around.

We got camp set up and joined the others in the nifty shelter, complete with fireplace. It was entirely cozy with all the Friday arrivals. Dan and Penny treated us to salmon and a potato medley that was out of this world, and we brought champagne to toast the birthday girl. It was a lovely first night.

The sky was clear and all the stars were out. It was also 20 degrees! This was supposed to be a spring trip, but it was just as cold as FYBO. When we left our house, it was even snowing a little! Still, not to be dissuaded, we had all our winter gear and were prepared for a cold night in our hammocks.

The next morning was bright and chilly, and I was well rested as it appeared the beavers had abandoned our area, at least for the time being. With the day starting so well, a small band of us went seeking a nearby trail that purported to be 7 miles long. (It turned out to be closer to 4)

The trail wound around a small lake, and we saw plenty of water fowl.

It was too early for any of the green to have grown up, so the hike wasn’t particularly pretty, but I’m sure it’s a lot nicer during the summer.

We did find a geocache entirely on accident, which was pretty cool.

We also hiked through a large area that had recently been burned. That would have been cool to see and I bet it grows back magnificently later in the season.

We returned to camp and the rest of the group had arrived. We settled in around the fire for food, drink and hi-jinx.

I know I say this a lot, but this is a group of incredibly fun people and I always look forward to time spent with them.

We ate gorgeous cake.

While it may have been Bonnie’s birthday trip, this particular weekend actually fell on Arbor’s birthday! It was like two celebrations in one, and there was a terrific ‘underwater’ birthday song for him.

We even had a celebratory pyramid! How many people can say they’ve done birthday pyramids? šŸ˜‰


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