Hell Hike & Raft Weekly Challenge 3

Rene was our hostess (with the mostest) this week! She challenged us to:

Start getting an idea of what we want our packs to weigh and start weighing stuff!
The timing couldn’t have been better as we were going on a short backpacking trip with the Corn Desert folk. We’ve never really backpacked during shoulder season before, so our awesome packing plan from last summer was thrown off-kilter. I bought a new five degree topquilt for the occasion, the high sierra sniveller with overstuff. While it’s wonderful and lightweight, it sure does take up a ton of volume even when its compressed. And while we didn’t have a weeks worth of food and we dumped a lot of the first aid stuff we brought last time, we did have heavier clothing and jackets.

Anyway, the result of the exercise was that with food and water Arbor’s pack weighed 40ish pounds and mine weighed 35. Both are still way too heavy, and it’s going to be the ultimate challenge to bring that number down a lot further before we’re really comfortable on the trail. (ugh)

Start parking at the back of all parking lots, and walk to destinations, except where safety would be compromised!

This was a lot of fun to do, especially while making hyperlapse videos! In this video, we walked from Arbor’s work parking lot under our local performing arts center, up the stairs, through the center, across the street and into his office building. (which is also where we climb stairs) Pretty cool.

Let me take the time to introduce a couple of our fellow crew members for this trip. Meet Rozzanne Cassados. She’s a big city girl who loves the outdoors, a mom of amazing kids and hails from Arizona. Shes into hiking, backpacking, camping, boating, fitness, travel and photography. Her blog Mountain Matron is pretty great, and you should check it out.

Rene Evans is an energetic woman, a mom and a terrific dog lover. She’s into hiking, bicycling, fitness and dog training – and will bring her dogs along whenever she can. Head on over to her blog, Biking and Hiking with Hendrix to see all the great stuff she has to share.


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