Hell Hike & Raft Weekly Challenge 2

This week we got to host the weekly challenge for our group!

Climb at least 5 flights of stairs
Living in central Illinois as we do, training for mountains presents a number of challenges, given the flat landscape found all around us. So one of the most accessible ways to build important muscles is to climb stairs. I also love that it’s free. We’ve been tackling stairs twice a week for a couple of months now and this week boasted 24 flights up and down.

We love the staircase at Arbor’s office building. It has nice views of the outside, stays cool in the winter (but not too cold), and its super convenient. I’ve begun taking the stairs two at a time, which does a great job of using different muscle groups. I’ve been managing about half of the stairs that way and think I’m getting a great workout.

Do something to organize gear. Inventory what you have, do some spring cleaning, set up a better storage system, etc.
We’ve been really bad about our gear organization lately. We have a series of storage buckets that we toss everything into, and this past year we’ve just rummaged and dumped stuff in and out of them. What a mess. So we began the frightful process of inventorying all of our equipment and discovered that we were missing a few key pieces. Who knows where they ended up, but it means we got the chance to order them in time for our first backpacking trip of the season.

When I found out that Probar was one of our sponsors, I nearly peed my pants. I love Probars!! We tried so many different types of bars before leaving on our River to River Trail trip, and selected a few that we liked. All of that changed for me once we were actually hiking. My appetite really diminished out there, and making myself eat was important. The only thing I could count on was our homemade dehydrated food, beef jerky and Probars.

I just never got sick of those meal bars. They weren’t overpowering in flavor, had real food in them (like nuts, seeds and dried fruit) and they were wonderfully filling. I never felt like I was eating someones chemistry experiment – I felt like I was eating wholesome stuff and my body never rejected the prospect. I did reject cookies, peanut m&ms, and so much more. Probar to the rescue! So to tell you that I’m incredibly excited to see all the greatness they offer in their other lines is an understatement. Bring it on!


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