ESA’s Intrepid Leadership is Scott’s blog. is Adam’s blog.

We wanted to give you all a chance to know both Adam and Scott a little bit better, as they’ll be mentioned frequently throughout the coming months … being the masterminds behind Epic Social Adventures and all. They will not, however, be joining us on this trip – as they went on last year’s Hell Hike & Raft expedition, which was the first ever ESA outing. We hope to adventure somewhere with Adam in the coming years. We have camped and hiked with Scott many times before and expect lots of opportunities to do so in the future.

Check out their profiles on the 2014 Hell Hike & Raft participants page (click on their photos), and be sure to look over their blogs; they are pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “ESA’s Intrepid Leadership

    • We’ll keep looking for that opportunity, Adam, for sure. We may be heading your direction in a year, to drive our youngest to in Napa Valley. Certainly, if you ever find yourself traveling through Illinois or Indiana, or if you visit the St. Louis side of Missouri for any length of time, we should get together for a quick day hike somewhere.

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