Hell Hike & Raft 2015

We are beyond excited to announce that we were just selected as the newest crew members of Hell Hike & Raft!

Photo by 2014 crew member Wendy – check out her Facebook page

Our friend Scott, from the Corn Desert Meetup group, had organized a trip last year with his friend Adam. They had this brilliant idea that if they got a bunch of social bloggers together and included some cottage industry sponsors – epic things could happen. Boy did they! The trip involves three days of backpacking through the Seven Devils Mountains and then three days of white water rafting along the Snake River, all led by the amazing Americas Rafting Company. Last year’s group had a blast and are all still talking about it.

Photo by 2014 crew member Val – check out her blog

Scott publicly presented a slide show and lecture about his trip for the Sierra Club, and we were fortunate enough to attend. The stories were great and the pictures inspiring and all we wanted was to go ourselves. We got to pepper him with questions afterward and then when the time rolled around, we applied and kept our fingers crossed. We’re new to the blogging world and don’t have the online viability that many of the other participants have. We just didn’t know if we would have the credentials that Epic Social Adventures were looking for.

This past weekend, we were out with the Corn Desert group for their annual Freeze Your Butt Off camping trip. Scott surprised us over breakfast on Saturday to announce, on camera, that we were chosen to be the fourth and fifth participants! We were giddy and overwhelmed with happiness. (and obviously struck dumb by it all) This year gathers a whole new crew of 12 adventurers to tackle the mountains and the river, and we get to be there!

Look forward to more posts about our preparation, our training and all the great sponsors who are helping to make this trip a reality. It really will be an Epic Adventure!

Check out our profile on Hell Hike & Raft!


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