Shawnee National Forest – Day 2

It had been cold sleeping, hovering around freezing temps. I stayed snugly warm with my zero degree underquilt and my potpourri of top quilts, blankets and sleeping bag. I really want to get a zero degree topquilt, but that’s a purchase for another year.

Mornings are a great opportunity to kick back and chat while enjoying breakfast. I love a leisurely morning! It’s amazing how much more stuff we bring while car camping, though. It’s not like we eat more than we do on the trail, but we certainly eat differently.

On today’s agenda was a group hike out to Rim Rock. We were lucky enough to just walk out the back of our campsite, down the hill to the road.

We followed the road along Pounds Hollow lake and enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous weather and scenery.

I just can’t get over how beautiful the area was in the fall colors. Everywhere we turned was another amazing view with color and rock features.

We climbed up and down several sections and explored the area like we were the first to discover it.

We stopped for lunch and tried not to get too cold as the warmth of the trail left us. Arbor and I had the brilliant idea to pack in cheese and cider for our break! It certainly added a little special something to the day.

We cleaned up and headed back to the trails.

Ultimately deciding to bushwhack off onto an old trail that was not out of service. It was terrific fun and we had a good time talking about gear choices and future travel plans.

It was an excellent afternoon, but before we knew it we were heading back to camp to enjoy the last night of the trip.

We had the most amazing communal dinner with shared treats and hot entrees. We stayed up late into the night laughing and telling stories.

Until next year Corn Desert Hiking and Adventure Group!


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