Sycamore State Park

We found ourselves in Ohio a couple of weeks ago to attend the Potato Salad Kickstarter party. We like to hike a longer trek on the weekends, so Arbor picked out a park that had well published trails for us to hit on the way home.

It was a perfect day for hiking. I tend to run cold, so I like to hike when its warm out and this was an ideal day, just on the bottom end of hot and not a cloud in the sky. The trail seems to be out in the middle of nowhere, but we passed another prairie restoration area and knew it was a good space for us. We found the trailhead and struck the path.

Most of the trail wound its way around a stream and we hiked through lowlands and highlands. It was great to see the variety and we ran across several locals enjoying the trail. Its always a boost when you find a place that is loved by others.

We saw some mammoth sycamore trees that must have been hundreds of years old as well as the buckeye state tree. We’re just starting to differentiate the different types of trees. I am loving being more aware of what is in my surroundings!

Overall, we hiked 8.36 miles and enjoyed it immensely. We’re thinking about hiking a state park in every state we visit. That means we’ve got Illinois and Ohio now covered. Any state parks in your area we should be on the lookout for?


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