Interlochen Camping

Our daughter goes to art school at Interlochen Arts Academy, up near Traverse City Michigan. We traveled to move her in for the year and decided to camp at Interlochen State Park for a few days.

After we dropped her off for the first of her orientation meetings, we went and set up our hammocks. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to use all of our gear again, for the first time since the River to River trail.

Unfortunately, that night a storm rolled in and the wind off of the lake was powerful. The ground in northern Michigan is very sandy soil, and we hadn’t considered this ahead of time. We brought titanium shepherd hook stakes to tie down our tarps, because they are so light – which makes them great for backpacking. Unfortunately, they were terrible for loose ground in strong winds!

Our tarps had no chance, and at 2am we bailed and hit a hotel. The next morning we drove to the local Gander Mountain and picked up some aluminum tri-point 1 foot stakes. These would be invincible, and are a terrific addition to our camping arsenal.

We set up again the next morning, and the rest of our time there

Down the lane from us was a group of 5 campers who were having the best of times. They introduced themselves and told us to alert them if they got too loud, and invited us to join them if we felt so inclined.

Inclined we were, and each evening after the day’s events at the school, we joined the party. We had a blast and made some nice new friends. We seem to be collecting new friends everywhere we go – its pretty great.

We made time to hike and explore the Interlochen forest, and found some neat art installations along the way.

We also discovered the most amazing fungus! I totally need to figure out what it is.

We had a lovely time camping but it was time to put the finishing touches on our daughters room, give last hugs and say goodbye. Before long, we were back on the road home.

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I have always loved the outdoors, but my desire to hike and travel has just taken hold recently. I am so excited about the adventures ahead of us!

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