River to River Trail – GPS & Maps

We used John Voigts trail guide and found it indispensable. We also found Jeff Wegerson’s maps and GPS files extremely useful; they were originally published on the Chicago Thru-Hike Backpackers’ Meetup page, but that group has since been disbanded. We are reprinting them here with Jeff’s permission. Between the three (trail guide, paper maps & GPS data) we got lost far less often than we would have … and had an easier time returning to the trail, when we did.

The map images show the older River to River Trail on the topo-map, Jeff’s GPS route with colors indicating when they walked road vs. trail, and the Voigts map coordinates. Having all three was incredibly valuable, since there were areas where old and new trails diverge, and occasionally the Chicago Thru-Hike Backpackers went their own way. When you aren’t sure where you are on the trail, its nice to have options!

Click the links below to download either GPX or KML-style GPS files:
KML SegmentsKML Points
GPX SegmentsGPX Points

Click thumbnails below to get Jeff’s high-res map images for printing on legal-size paper, or get enlarged and reformatted 8.5 x 11 PDF maps at the bottom of this page.
(We recommend waterproof paper and a color laser printer if possible.)

Jeff Wegerson’s maps, on legal sized paper, had details that were too small for us to read or use for navigation in the elements. Arbor considered using large 11 x 17 paper, but finally settled on reformatting them to print double-sided on standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

Click links below to get PDFs of the actual maps we carried from the West (on the Mississippi) to the East (at Elizabethtown), and sent General Delivery with our food:

Overview: Side A (Mississippi R.) & Side B (Ohio R. at E-Town)
1st Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 47,45) & Side B (last Voigts: 46,63)
2nd Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 44,09) & Side B (last Voigts: 43,45)
3rd Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 41,36) & Side B (last Voigts: 40,76)
4th Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 38,59) & Side B (last Voigts: 35,84)
5th Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 34,54) & Side B (last Voigts: 33,51)
6th Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 31,61) & Side B (last Voigts: 29,29)
7th Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 28:85) & Side B (last Voigts: 26,62)
8th Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 25,27) & Side B (last Voigts: 23,80)
9th Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 22,18) & Side B (last Voigts: 20,52)
10th Leaf: Side A (last Voigts: 19,49) & Side B (last Voigts: 18,99) <– E-Town woohoo!

… be sure to print "actual size" from Adobe Reader rather then fitting or shrinking.

Try printing some out or load your GPS for your next Shawnee outing … and have fun!
~Tau & Arbor~


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