Common Snapping Turtles

We are always struck by how many wonderful things we see on our 3 mile route through our neighborhood. We walk it every day and see new things all the time. We love to get out to real hikes on the weekend, but never underestimate the glory in our own backyards.

Last year about this time we saw a large Common Snapping Turtle making her way through our neighborhood creek. When we reexamined the sidewalk along the creek, there were a number of disturbed areas and we believed they were nesting clutches where she had laid her eggs.

This week we were out walking and saw a baby turtle on the sidewalk. Unfortunately it had passed, as had two others and we moved them into the weeds. We found their nest, which was wide open and probably dug out by a predator. As we walked, we found upwards of 30 plus small holes where we suspect many other baby turtles successfully left their nests. It must be an incredibly popular place for turtle nesting. It was a pretty exciting day!

We even had a double rainbow appear on our way back home!


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