The road to Master Naturalist

We saw so many wonderful things on our River to River Trail hike. We often wondered what kind of mushroom it was, or how that insect contributed to the environment. While I was knowledgeable about many things, there was so much that was left a mystery.

When I discovered our region’s Master Naturalist program, I immediately signed us up. For the next 10 weeks, Arbor and I will be learning about subjects ranging from herpetology to geology! I am excited beyond measure and feel lucky that we get to participate in this together.

Last Wednesday we attended the Master Naturalist kickoff party where we met our mentor, heard from some of our topic teachers and found out about all the volunteer options in our area.

As part of our Master Naturalist certification, we have to complete 60 hours of volunteer work within the first year, and then 30 hours annually afterward. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to be better connected to our area, to give back to the world we love, and to connect with others who appreciate the same passions. Its a win/win in my book.


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