River to River Trail – Day 25

Elizabethtown to Home
0 Miles hiked

In spite of being able to sleep in, we woke up at 5:30 per usual.  We putzed around on the internet for a bit, then got dressed to putz on the internet outside on the gorgeous porch overlooking the river.   The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, warm without being hot and a light breeze off the water.

There was hot coffee available and we enjoyed it outside while we caught up with all the events that had been published on Facebook over the last month or so.  Bertis was there and we chatted a bit before he went to mow the lawn.  We checked out the gazebo on the property and just did our very best to relax and enjoy this day in between hiking and heading back to the world.

We got called in to breakfast and were treated to the most wonderful spread.  I think I have fallen in love with biscuits.  Arbor tells me that it’s because the last few places we’d had them, knew how to make them really well, but he thinks he can start making them for me at home.  Yum!  I’m a picky eater, but everything on my plate that morning was right up my alley and Becky had on a classic tunes radio station, playing all the songs straight out of my childhood.  

We went back to our room and packed up everything and dragged it outside, so that they could prepare the room for the next guests at their leisure.  We returned to our spots on the porch.  We could have explored the rest of the town, but I honestly never wanted to leave that view.  Becky’s daughter in law joined us and then Becky did as well, and we all sat around talking and sharing stories until our eldest arrived to bring us home.  I got hug from Becky as we left, who told me we were their most interesting guests yet.  😉

Arbor got behind the wheel and mentioned how alien it felt to be driving after so long on our feet.  We passed signs on the road pointing to all the various places we’d been and I was overcome by a bittersweet feeling.  I was thrilled to be done, and yet would miss all we’d experienced.

Arbor started searching for the highway overpass we walked under, and then there it was.  We looked down to see what our trail looked like from the road above.  It was pretty daunting and bigger than I’d thought at the time.  I tried to get a better photo, but we passed it in the blink of an eye.

We are usually chatter boxes when we road trip, but we were both rather quiet on the way back.  We listened to the Avett Brothers and got caught in our own internal thought processes.

We pulled into our driveway about 4:00 and opened the door to find 4 very eager dogs, a relatively clean house, a giant pile of mail and three happy kids.  It was good to be home.


4 thoughts on “River to River Trail – Day 25

  1. Very, very well written story. I felt so sorry for you and that bump on the noggin’! When I’m hiking it and the going is rough, I can’t wait to be home and when I’m home I can’t wait to do it again.

    • Isn’t that always the way??! I certainly learned a lot about what I could endure, and it’s helped a lot in my regular life.

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