Blogging on the trail

I’m taking my ipad mini on our River to River hike. Its a bit heavy for a lightweight hiker, once you add the protective case – but I like being able to read at night and there are a number of robust tools for blogging available. I know its possible to do many of these things on my iphone, but I seem to have a harder time typing and reading on the smaller screen. (I suppose this is an indication of my increasing age)

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
I take all of my photos with my iphone these days. I love having a camera that is always in my pocket, and I am continually impressed with the quality of my amateur photos. Since I likely won’t have cloud access on the trail, I was happy to find that Apple makes a Camera Adapter so that I can transfer photos from my iphone to my ipad. Its super simple and does exactly what I need.

BlogPad Pro
I moved this blog over to wordpress specifically for the wonderful BlogPad Pro app. It’s rich with features that are intuitive and clearly laid out. I find it as easy to use as the wordpress dashboard and often more convenient. Especially nice is the ability to create posts that save as drafts locally on the ipad. I have a wifi only device, and its likely that we won’t have a connection for most of the trip. This allows me to compose entire posts while everything is fresh in my mind, and have them ready to publish with a click of the button.

There are a number of photo editors out there, but I love PhotoGene‘s ability to tweak the nuances of color, clarity, vibrancy and more. I’ve tried several other apps, but this is by far my favorite.

Image Size
I like having the ability to control the final size of my online photos. It seems crazy that photo apps don’t already have this function packaged into their utility. Thankfully, Image Size exists. It’s crazy simple – choose your image, type in your image size, and then it saves the new file to your camera roll. Beautiful!

FTP Client Pro
I like to host my image files myself, so being able to upload them is an important function. Neither iphones nor ipads allow you to rename your image files, so having an FTP client that makes it easy is a real plus. FTP Client Pro has a lot more technical power than even I need, but I sure am glad its in my toolset.


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