Friends Creek

We’re a week out from our departure date and we still have so much to prepare.  Arbor is finalizing our day to day itinerary, I’m wrapping up the last of our dehydrated meals and we’re trying to set up some gear and planning videos.  Even in the midst of all that frenzied work, we found it important to take the time to meet up with friends at an overnight camp event.

It was a perfect early summer night and the temperatures couldn’t have been more ideal.  It was a great test of our trail hammock gear.  All of our earlier training hikes and outings had winter/spring temps and I wasn’t able to try out my quilt setup to see if I’d be too warm or cold.  After all the tweaking we’d done earlier in the season, I now know that our trail choices were spot on.  It’s a relief to be able to out those concerns aside.

Most importantly, however, was the time to reconnect with the very people who inspired and uplifted us.  There was lots of trail talk, great food and laughter.  We have learned so much from our hiking community and we feel very blessed to have found them.  Getting some face time in before we leave was just what we needed.


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