Rivers and Mud

We took in a 7 mile loop at one of our favorite area parks last weekend. We decided to hike the river trail, thinking that with the lack of rain and oppressive heat, the river waters would have receded enough for a pleasant walk. We quickly learned that the entire river trail was thick squishy mud, but considered it an adventure and pressed on.

Before long we discovered that several portions of the trail were still covered by water. Undaunted, we fashioned stick and log bridges to ford the streams, or found alternate paths around the worst of the water. I felt like a modern day Robinson Crusoe, forging my way through the wilderness. 😉

We saw so many wonderful things. The bluebirds were everywhere, tiny frogs jumped out of the path with every footfall & snails in the most unusual places. At one point, there was a gorgeous and large heron laying directly in the path that jumped up when it noticed us, and took flight into the woods. The whole act seemed to move in slow motion, it was just so graceful and quiet.

We had encounters of the unpleasant type as well. With everything being so damp, the mosquitoes were unbearable. I neglected to bring any bug spray, and we weren’t wearing any permethrin treated clothing. What a mistake! I look like I’ve been polka dotted at this point. I also had a horse fly fall deeply in love with me, and followed me around for half of the trail.

Since this trip, I’ve also invested in some Ivy Block and Tecnu Poison Ivy Scrub. We went off trail enough that I was genuinely concerned, even though we were careful. Fortunately, we’ve remained skin healthy. *whew*

Still, the day was a grand adventure and we had a ton of fun overcoming all of the challenges before us. Can’t wait for the next time.


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